Monday, February 11, 2008


The aim for this course is to provide us with awareness on how to lever technology to impact on our organization's ability to deliver service and achieve organization goals. Modules related to IT for manager level.

Couldn't believe my eyes once we arrived at our training centre building.

Yes its a mall called Am Corp Mall in Petaling Jaya, just 3 mins away from our hotel.

Starbucks welcome us at the entrance
Training centre situated at level 3 of the Mall. Try to focus what fast food's next to the traning centre
Look how comfy our class , sofa seat and coffee table for the workstation

The Director of Immigration And National Registration and Deputy Commissioner of Labour doing assessment on basic knowledge on IT.


Awang said...

syiok jua dalam shoppg mall dapat ta blanjah brabis wang

fazzuri said...

siuk jua!! jgn lupa starbucks, JCo Donuts n my Crocs!!


Srmalek said...

awu iatah siuk , krg tea break kan main pool lagi hehehe

Nadhead said...

Bored. Siok sendiri. Aku mau starbucks =((

jose mourinho said...

alip 2 datas 2 d bwh binn..