Monday, February 11, 2008


Will be away for a week to attend an IT course abroad, but will try my best to update 'Brunei EveryDay' daily insyallah.

Today the flag hoisting ceremony will be carried out in all four districts in the country for the 24th National day of Brunei. Couldn't attend the function in Kuala Belait today due to my flight time in the morning. To all viewers please flag up the Brunei National Flag starting today till the 29 Feb and show your support and patriotism.

Pictures aretaken from last year's flag hoisting function in Kuala Belait at Menara Cendera Kenangan. Sorry couldn't get today's pictures. But the format of the ceremony will be the same every year.

Arrival of the national flag from Bandar Seri Begawan led by Haji Mohamad bin Haji Abd Rahman, Belait District Officer

Flag handed to the Royal Brunei Police Force by the guest of honour

Men in blue uniform (Royal Brunei Police) will be responsible for raising up the national flag

NOTE: Distribution of the small flags for cars will be held on the 17 February
2008 at 1030 am (tbc) in the Belait District.
Make sure to pass by the following places to get the mini flags for your cars.

a) Jalan Maulana infront of Taman Jubli
b) Belait Town infront of Municipal Multipurpose Hall
c) Seria Town shops
d) Filling Stations in Belait , Seria and Lumut (Places to be confirmed)

Pictures courtesy of Belait District Office, PRO unit.

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