Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The Belait District-level Executive Committee for His Majesty's 62nd Birthday Celebrations received contributions for the upcoming celebrations, which included $50,000 from Brunei Shell Petroleum, which was handed over by the Acting Director of BSP, Awg Hj Zainal Abidin bin Hj Mohd Ali and contribution of $20,000 from Brunei LNG was handed over by its Senior Plant Manager , Awg Hj Matsatejo bin Sokiaw.

Meeting between the Executive Committee and Chairperson of His Majesty's 62th birthday celebration in the Belait District were also held where the main agenda focused on the field performance as the climax of the `Majlis Ramah Mesra Bersama Rakyat' which will be held on the 19 July 2008 with the theme of the theme "Sejambak Doa Memberiga Kasih".

The event will be held at padang Bandaran Kuala Belait.

Executive Committee for His Majesty's 62nd Birthday
Celebration for the Belait District 2008

Chairperson of Events for His Majesty's 62nd Birthday
Celebration for the Belait District 2008

The most important crew of the ceremony,
The PA System Crew of the Pusat Dakwah Islamiah of KB

Friday, May 16, 2008


The Oil well in Labi code name Belait-2 which was drilled in 1913

Oil Exploration in Brunei started in 1899 with the first recorded well drilled close to Brunei town, now known as Bandar Seri Begawan. Enthusiasm was high and six companies were involved in the oil search including Royal Dutch Shell, which started operations in 1913 after discovering the Miri field in Sarawak, Malaysia.

By 1918, all other companies had pulled out except Royal Dutch Shell, which continued to search and found some accumulation of oil and gas in Labi, Belait in 1924. A total 18 oil wells was explored during that time but the find was too small to be commercialised and it was abandoned by Royal Dutch Shell and moved to Seria where oil was discovered in 1929.

Map showing oil wells exploration at Labi in the early 20th century

The Oil well in Labi code name Belait-4 which was drilled in 1914

Now with modern advanced technology to explore oil such as 2D Seismic Reprocessing, aero-magnetic and gravitational works, 3D Seismic research. Chances of discovering oil at the area once abandoned by Royal Dutch Shell will bear
Petroluem Brunei has awarded TAP Energy (Borneo) an Australian based oil company to explore oil at Block M which covered an area of 3100 sq km which mainly at the remote area (Labi) in Belait District and southern part of Tutong district.
Yeterday a meeting with the Head of Wards (Penghulu Mukim), Head village and Head of long houses of the Belait District with personnel from Petroleum Brunei and TAP Energy was held at Dewan Qiyadah, Belait District Office. The aim of this meeting is to brief and get the opinions regards on the exploration of the Block M Area.

The exploration will begin in early june where aero-magnetic and gravitational works will be done and drilling insyallah will start in November this year.

Pictures courtesy of TAP Energy (Borneo) and Belait District Office PRO Unit

Monday, May 12, 2008


A total of $68,401 collected since April 2008 for His Majesty 62nd Birthday celebration Funds of the Belait District.

Today the Executive commitee of the 62th Birthday Celebration of His Majesty The Sultan and the Pertuan Of Brunei Darussalam for the Belait District received sponsor from various companies where contribution are handed over to Awang Haji Mohamad bin Haji Abd Rahman, Belait District Officer which was held at Dewan Santap, Belait District Officer Residence.

Individual or companies who wish to contribute for the His Majesty 62th Birthday celebration Funds of the Belait District can do so by contacting the secretariat of the 62th Birthday Celebration of His Majesty The Sultan and the Pertuan Of Brunei Darussalam at 3334335 ext 109.

Shiekh Khalid Of Serikandi Group, www.arab-families.com

Asia Enterprise

Group Photo of the contributers and the commitee
Reporters requesting for the press release

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Something you should always remember

Blue Tee Box for the Tournament

The Baiduri Master came to an end today after a five-day tournament. Today its confirm that the winner of the Hole in One on Hole no 2 Awang Elyas Abdullah Yseu who made a historic hole-in-one at the charity golfing event bagged himself the BMW 730IL worth around BND 135,000 since no one got the hole-in-one on hole no 2 where prizes will be share if hole-in-one achieve on the same hole. It was the first hole-in-one in the 13-year history of the tournament. In the prize giving ceremony Awang Elyas donated BND 5000 for charity purpose.

The Lucky Lad touching his Hole-in-one prize

I've played in a consistent game today eventho had to wake up early for the game. Didn't won any prizes today not even the lucky draw. I was eyeing on the grand lucky draw which is a 42 inchs LG LCD TV, better luck for next year. But the most important thing is i did enjoyed the game where this charity tournament is to raise funds for the Pusat Kaca , Smarter and Daycare centre of Ripas.


Noise from the aircraft can affect you're concentration

The favorite spot of my ball after teeoff, luckly free drop rules apply

The Grand hole-in-one prize ( Porsche Caymen S)

Friday, May 9, 2008


Jalan Menuju ke Mukim Labi

Rumah panjang Mendaram Besar terletak di Kawasan Kampung Labi 2, Mukim Labi, Daerah Belait. Rumah tersebut mempunyai 11 pintu yangmana ianya bermakna ianya seperti 11 buah rumah dalam sebuah rumah yang panjang. Ianya di ketuai oleh seorang Ketua Rumah Panjang, Awang Berandi Ak Jamau. Jumlah penghuni yang mendaftar mendiami rumah panjang tersebut seramai 187 orang. Penghuni yang berdaftar bermaksud mereka asalusul dari rumah panjang tersebut dan tinggal di kawasan bandar disebabkan kerja atau menuntut akan tetapi setiap minggu mereka akan pulang ke rumah panjang tersebut.

Rumah Panjang Mendaram Besar di Bina pada tahun 1970 yangmana ianya di bina oleh ayah kepada ketua rumah panjang sekarang iaitu Awg Jamau ak Kuning yangmana pada waktu beliau juga ketua rumah panjang Mendaram Besar.

Rumah Panjang Mendaram Besar selalu dikunjungi oleh pelancong-pelancong luar dan dalam negeri. Sebagai inisiatif kerajaan supaya ianya dijadikan tempat pelancongan , tandas awam dibina dan menaikan taraf jalan masuk ke rumah panjang.

Rumah PanjangMendaram besar telahpun menikmati bekalan eletrik dan juga penyambungan ayer bersih yangmana projek ini telahpun dilaksanakan pada awal tahun 90 an.

Pada kunjungan saya yang lepas ke Rumah Panjang Mendaram Besar dengan pegawai dari Jabatan Perdana Menteri kerana membawa sahabat lama kepada VVIP Negara Brunei Darussalam. Mereka amat kagum dengan budaya dan cara hidup masyarakat Iban dan berasa puas hati dengan kunjungan tersebut.

Dalam perjalanan pulang kami singgah ke Luagan Lalak yang terletak di kawasan Mukim Bukit Sawat.

Kawasan Luagan Lalak ini memerlukan pembaikan dan pemeliharaan

Jambatan Bailey yang terpanjang di Brunei Darussalam yang terletak di Mukim Labi. Sekarang Jambatan ini telahpun di 'Dismantle' erti lain di buka dan disimpan ketempat yang lain kerana kawasan jalan ini telahpun di naikan taraf nya

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


When Antonio Pigafetta, who sailed with Magellan, visted Brunei Darussalam in 1521, he wrote,"When the tides rises the women go in boats through the city selling provision and necessities." (quote from a Primary 4 History text book).

As a request from a good friend of mine, he asked me to do an article on padian eventho in the Belait District i can't recall regards on the exsist of a padian, maybe in Kampong Sg Teraban, which i'm not sure of that.

Today only a handful of these women vendors or padian remain, all of them are elderly. These women who for long served the people of Kampung Ayer in Brunei Darussalam capital, Bandar Seri Begawan,paddling thier tiny boats around the houses to sell their goods.There are easily recognised by huge hats called seraung which protected them from the sun and the rain. Sources from my friend working in the Brunei Muara District Office, nowdays the padian abandoned paddling around the house of Kampung Ayer and now concentrate on selling to people who pass by the town waterfront near water taxis landing point each day.

Before they would paddle their boats everyway but now they don't dare to paddle out in the river now due to the fast and furious so called water taxis in the river.

Padian would usually sell fish, prawns, crabs,mussels, shellfish and vegetables and other daily needs.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Been buzy lately with work and couldn't update the blog, but i've got tons of information regards on Belait District and insyallah will try to update daily. I know its a bit late on posting this event poster, the first game will be play tommorrow morning 3 May 2008, but for all you golfers out there this year tournament will be organize in 2 weekends. Talk about the best charity tournament in Brunei so far. 5 luxury cars for the Hole in One Prizes and the lucky draws prizes i can say two thumbs up. Last year tournament i didn't won anything for the tournament prizes but i did won myself for the lucky draw which is a 4 in one canon printer.

Tournament will be at RBA Golf Club and insyallah if i can get the slot i'll be playing on the 11 May 2008 (Sunday). For all you golfers out there please sign in for this charity event and help the individual with special needs.

For further inquiries please call 2343724 or 8773412