Saturday, February 23, 2008

24th National Day

Traffic was horrendous at 7.00 am in the capital town. Saw many jaywalkers passing the roads on their destination to the SOAS padang. Good thing our team's focal point is near Citibank. Didn't bring along my camera as I was involved in the department representative for the national day marching. Met a few shutterbugs such as gferro, Ichinose and Butakaler and I insisted them to take pictures of our group. Hey guys, don't forget to email me or post up the pictures.

Every year we celebrate our national day on the 23rd of Feb despite gaining our independence on the 1 January 1984. So why don't we celebrate our national day on the 1st January every year? I was informed the reason sometime ago but it somehow has slipped my mind. I will try to find out again but should any of you know why, do let us know......

Proclamation of Independence Brunei Darussalam

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