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The Oil well in Labi code name Belait-2 which was drilled in 1913

Oil Exploration in Brunei started in 1899 with the first recorded well drilled close to Brunei town, now known as Bandar Seri Begawan. Enthusiasm was high and six companies were involved in the oil search including Royal Dutch Shell, which started operations in 1913 after discovering the Miri field in Sarawak, Malaysia.

By 1918, all other companies had pulled out except Royal Dutch Shell, which continued to search and found some accumulation of oil and gas in Labi, Belait in 1924. A total 18 oil wells was explored during that time but the find was too small to be commercialised and it was abandoned by Royal Dutch Shell and moved to Seria where oil was discovered in 1929.

Map showing oil wells exploration at Labi in the early 20th century

The Oil well in Labi code name Belait-4 which was drilled in 1914

Now with modern advanced technology to explore oil such as 2D Seismic Reprocessing, aero-magnetic and gravitational works, 3D Seismic research. Chances of discovering oil at the area once abandoned by Royal Dutch Shell will bear
Petroluem Brunei has awarded TAP Energy (Borneo) an Australian based oil company to explore oil at Block M which covered an area of 3100 sq km which mainly at the remote area (Labi) in Belait District and southern part of Tutong district.
Yeterday a meeting with the Head of Wards (Penghulu Mukim), Head village and Head of long houses of the Belait District with personnel from Petroleum Brunei and TAP Energy was held at Dewan Qiyadah, Belait District Office. The aim of this meeting is to brief and get the opinions regards on the exploration of the Block M Area.

The exploration will begin in early june where aero-magnetic and gravitational works will be done and drilling insyallah will start in November this year.

Pictures courtesy of TAP Energy (Borneo) and Belait District Office PRO Unit

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