Thursday, March 13, 2008

Events in the Belait District this weekend

Friday 14th & Saturday 15th March 2008 9:00AM - 5:00PM Oil and Gas Discovery Centre (OGDC), Seria

OGDC, Seria

Following on a very successful LEXUS ROADSHOW 2006 & 2007 at the OGDC, Seria, NBT is pleased to once again, literally ‘bring the LEXUS Showroom especially to you'

The whole range of LEXUS luxury models – including the much anticipated new LX 570(To be confirm) and upgrade of the GS 300 (facelift) the top-selling luxury sports saloon.

Some of the facelift features on the GS300 as told by my friend from the Lexus division are

1) New grille
2) New wider and more aggressive front design
3) New rear bumper design

What is real important for the roadshow are test drive for all available models.

Sneak preview of the facelift GS300 and LX570



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SUNDAY, 16 March 2008
TIME: 815 am

Padi harvesting in a traditional concept of voluntarily working together in groups, gotong royong or "memucang -mucang" will be held this Sunday in Mukim Labi, Belait District.

Guest of honors for this event will be the Minister of Home Affairs, an area of 5 ‘ekar’ will be harvest in gotong royong by the guest of honor, various government agencies, Mukim/Kampung Consultative Council, residents of Mukim Labi and invited guest.

All are welcomed to this event and for those who are eager to join, please wear suitable attire eg Long Sleeves shirts, Fishing hat or caps, boots and please bring along a pocket knife (Not kitchen knife) and gloves. ( Attire can be view at my recent post on padi harvesting)

Meeting point will be at Balai Raya Sungai Liang, next to the Sg Liang Mosque at 7.00am

For more information please contact : Belait District Office, Division of Mukim Kg at 3334335 ext 115 Or Penghulu of Mukim Labi at +6738742494

Samples of Pocket knifes

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